Our main business is consultancy, but we also develop own products:

+++ +++ elvis3 - ELaborate Vehicle Integrated Sound Signature Synthesis Suite +++ +++

ELVIS3 is a highly innovative development environment for brand-specific sounds in automotive industries. Combustion vehicles are equipped with an authentic sporty sound, electric vehicles generate acoustic feedback to the driver and attrac emotion, hybrid vehicles get a homogeneous sound charcter, and silent vehicles produce exterior sounds to warn people (AVAS). All this is performed by a single concept developed by our Joint Venture neosonic!


Metric for the assessment of Seat Belt Reminder Signals

Euro-NCAP donates 3 of 35 points in the crash test evaluation for the Seat Belt Reminder signals. The evaluation of the signals is performed subjectively by the Euro-NCAP inspectors - they rate if the signal is “loud and clearly audible” in a defined situation.
We have developed a metric which performs an automatic and instrumental quantification of the signal. This metric is implemented in the software tool SAM, which does not only render that final evaluation but also useful tips for the optimization of the signal. .
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VibroAuditioner - making structure borne sound audible

In contrast to airborne sound structure borne sound is not directly audible. Especially in sound origin analysis or quality control in the production line listening to structure borne sond can be necessary. The VibroAuditioner allows to reproduce structure borne sound via loudspeaker or headphones, an equalizer allows to eliminate distortions and to concentrate on the interesting frequencies. For more information send an email.

Customer-specific instrumental evaluation of Sound Quality

The measurement and evaluation of Sound Quality in principle requires a rating of sounds by a customer-respresentative jury. Under specific circumstances an instrumental method to predict the rating can be developed once a comprehensive jury testing has been performed. This method can then be implemented on a PC and avoids further time and cost intensive jury testing. We have e.g. developed such a method for Gear Rattle in interior vehicle sound, for Diesel Impulsiveness, Tonal Components, and Seat Belt Reminder Signals. For more information send an email.