The "Ingenieurbüro Dr. Bodden" stands for the efficient solution of acoustical and related problems. But, not only problems are addressed - products are equipped with characteristic and salient sounds, which helps to stand out against concurrents, to profile and to strengthen the product on the competitive market.

The focus of the offered services is the solution of specific problems which can not be solved by applying standard and available methods and tools - thus cases which require specific and detailled knowledge and expertise.

The philosophy of sucessfully running
cooperation with the customer -
your facilities considered in order to


projects is to conduct them in close
your expertise will be included and
ensure that your problems will be

solved and that the results can be applied at your site. In consequence, you can easily trace the progress of projects, and even running projects can be adapted to the individual requirements.

The offered services go beyond the scope of running complete projects outside of the customers site - they are also intended to support your work in your environment. You will be supported if you, for example, intend to develop or purchase an acoustical workstation or to establish a complete psychoacoustic laboratory to conduct your own psychoacoustic research and developments. Thus besides 'outsourcing' also the opposite, the transfer of knowledge into the customer's company, can be provided.

We understand ourselves as your partner for all questions concerning acoustics. Tenders are attuned to your specific requirements. You will find a survey of services provided by us on the pages “services”.