On the following pages we are developing a short compendium acoustics for you!

Noise and loud sounds are not only disturbing the private sphere, but also in our daily environemnt like at workshop places or in traffic. It is a basic task of Sound Engineering to reduce noise and to develop  low noise products.
But, it is not necessarily the case that louder sounds are more disturbing than less louder sounds. Even sounds with a very low sound level can be very harming. 

This cannot be explained by the pure physics of the sounds. We use our own measurement system, our auditory system, and in addition to that we have our own attitude, experience, taste, and aversion. All these factors moderate how we perceive and judge what we hear. It is obvious that this has to be considered in modern Sound Engineering!

The following pages are intended to give a short introduction into this topic. Whereever appropriate, literature hints are given - although comprehensive literature on that topic still is missing.